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Writing an individual safety program can be a major project. In fact, determining which Health and Safety Programs are required for your specific industry can be even more difficult. We will develop a comprehensive written health and safety program for your facility that includes the specific hazards and exposures of your operation. The safety program will include both OSHA required programs and plans, as well as other safety management policies and procedures necessary to effectively prevent injuries and illnesses in your workplace and manage your workers' compensation costs. Golf Safety has developed comprehensive safety plans for golf and country clubs nationwide, which has enabled us to stay on the leading edge of our industry. Available in both English and Spanish.

Below is a partial list of common written programs required, for golf course maintenance operations.

OSHA code


1910.200 Hazard Communication
1910.38(a) Emergency Action Plan
1910.38(b Fire Prevention Plan
1910.132 Personal Protective Equipment
1910.147 Hazardous Energy Control
1910.1000 Toxic/Hazardous Substances
1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens

Golf Safety will develop a comprehensive safety manual for your operation to cover the items listed above and more. OSHA, your workman's compensation carrier, your liability carrier and the department of environmental regulation require you to have all of these programs and policies in place.

Golf Safety will visit your site, conduct a safety audit and collect all of the information needed to develop your safety programs.

Golf Safety Will:
  • Interview the department head and acquire the site specific information and policies needed for your safety programs.
  • Inventory the hazardous chemicals, safety supplies, etc. in your workplace.
  • Develop site diagrams of your operation
  • Contact your area Emergency Service Providers (Fire, EMS, Hospitals, Etc.) and access their capabilities as it relates to your operation.
  • Finally, we will provide you with ready to use, custom safety programs that you can use to train your staff.
These safety plans can be developed for the golf course maintenance or department or the clubhouse departments. The plans can be done in both English and Spanish.

To review the topics/policies covered in each program click below:

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