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Monthly DVD Safety Training Service
for the Golf & Green Industry.

All companies that have employees are required to provide safety training.
Our service has been designed to make this responsibility as quick and easy as possible.

The program provides monthly DVD safety training service to your company based on topics chosen by the supervisor. These DVD's will be sent Priority Mail to your business every month. Included with the DVD is an instructor's guide, quizzes for the staff and a key to the quizzes. In other words, "everything you need to conduct a safety meeting". You keep the DVD for up to 5 business days then return it in the pre-posted box supplied.

NOTE: Programs include English & Spanish on the same DVD and bilingual handouts are also provided.


  • Show DVD to the staff
  • Review training
  • Administer test
  • Fill out attendee form and file
  • Return DVD to Golf Safety

Benefits of Service:

  • Helps to fulfill safety training required by OSHA, State Requirements,
    & your Insurance Companies.
  • In many cases an insurance rebate is available
  • Reduces Supervisor's responsibility
  • Helps organize & document safety meetings on a monthly schedule
  • Offers training for both English & Spanish speaking employees

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