Safety training videos made for the golf maintenance industry

membership includes unlimited 24/7 access to training videos

Our safety videos are made specifically for the golf maintenance industry and are shot entirely on golf courses like yours. Our training videos bring about awareness of the importance of safety while covering safety tips and best practices for work tasks.

Combined with our safety training videos, we give you all of the resources to have 100% proof that you did your part in giving the training AND ensuring that every employee understood the content covered in the video. If you’re ever audited, you have all of this paperwork to show.

What’s Included?

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Watch the previews below to see what our Golf Safety members have 24/7 access to stream.

Safety Around The Shop – english

Safety Around The Shop – Spanish

Acid Battery Jump Starting – english

Acid Battery Jump Starting – Spanish

gas & power tool safety – english

hearing protection – english

chainsaw safety – english

mower safety – english

utility vehicle safety – english

golf tractor safety – english

eye protection – english

hazard communication & ghs – english

golf & grounds maintenance – english

pesticide safety – english

landscape & grounds safety – english

chemical protective equipment – english

bloodborne pathogens – english

safe lifting – english

safety orientation – english

fire extinguisher safety – english

personal protective equipment – english

sun safety – english

heat illness prevention – english

ladder safety – english

respirator safety – english

gas & power tool safety – spanish

hearing protection – spanish

chainsaw safety – spanish

mower safety – spanish

utility vehicle safety – spanish

golf tractor safety – spanish

eye protection – spanish

hazard communication & ghs – spanish

golf & grounds maintenance – spanish

pesticide safety – spanish

landscape & grounds safety – spanish

chemical protective equipment – spanish

bloodborne pathogens – spanish

safe lifting – spanish

safety orientation – spanish

fire extinguisher safety – spanish

personal protective equipment – spanish

sun safety – spanish

heat illness prevention – spanish

ladder safety – spanish

respirator safety – spanish